Turkish Plugs Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish plugs, Turkey plugs manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality plugs from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GUVEN MUSLUK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sezgin KEMİKOĞLU    
s sanitaryware, plumbing material, sanitation material, faucet, mixers, mixture, taps, plug, bathtub faucet, shower set, shower head, showerhead, sink faucet, lavatory faucet, swan faucet, rotary lavatory faucet, eagle faucet, over counter faucet, bathroom faucet, rotating sink faucet, applique faucet, dish sink faucet, lustration faucet, ball valve, bidet, nozzles with filter, syphon, sanitation, pipes, flange, elbow, shower faucet, mini ball valve, nipple, barber faucet, inlaid kitchen sink faucet, kitchen sink faucet, long faucet, pissoir syphon, slide shower set, laundry taps, bidet nozzle, stop valve, gaskets, laundry tap, swan lavatory faucet, swan sink faucet, applique sink faucet, double inlet faucet, faucet extension, globe bidet, short faucet, rotative sink faucet, pissoir faucet, bellow syphon, nozzle with filter
s irrigation system, irrigation system pipe, agricultural irrigation system, agriculture irrigation system, water system, agriculture water system, agricultural water system, pvc pipe profile, pvc pipe, plastic pipe, irrigation pipe, sprinkling system, sprinkling material, sprinkling pipe, sprinkling product, agricultural sprinkling pipe, agriculture sprinkling pipe, sprinkling, nozzles, rotating sprinkler, black nozzle, valve, sprinkling valve, irrigation valve, line valve, drip irrigation, nipple, nozzle, coupling, plug, cross, butterfly valves, irrigation fitting, ball valve, sprinkler head, motopump, extension pipe, male plug, male blind plug, female blind plug, abot, blind plug, butterfly valve, extension tube, ballvalve, handcuffed line valve, latch line valve, blue extension pipe, white extension pipe, stainless iron rod, sprinkler coupling, sprinkler fitting, female sprinkler head, latch reduction, latch elbow, latch crosse, male sprinkler head, latch sprinkler head, abot adapter, latch male motopump, latch female motopump, male motopump, female motopump
SKT YEDEK PARCA VE MAKINA A.S.        Türkiye         
s sealing elements, rotary shaft seals, seals with spring, seals without spring, ptfe seals, seals without metal insert, cassette seals, seals with flanged, seals for pressurised media, felt seals, o-ring, gaskets, o-rings, gasket with metal rings, square section rings, rectangular section rings, gasketing, hydraulic seals, seal kits, u-cups, wipers, rod scrapers, hat packings, complete hydraulic pistons, complete pneumatic pistons, valve stem seals, repair kits, plugs, water pump seals, seals for brake systems, shock absorber seals, various parts, ptfe rings, rubber membrane, bushings and mounts, metal parts, steering system seals, break system seals, zf seals
s distribution box, electrical accerosies, electrical accessories, electrical socket, electrical sockets, electrical switches, electrical switchs, enclosures, externals, lightings, plugs, sockets, switches
MEDIPORT 24 LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Muhittin TÜRK    
s health tourism, private health tourism, electrical plugs, sockets, electrical sockets, plugs, power extension universal sockets, universal sockets, cat5 cable, cat6 cable, cat7 cable, phone plugs, cat6 cable
DANISMENT A.S.        Türkiye         
s degaussing coil, fan motors, plugs, cables, machining and die casting, plastic injection and moulding
s sealing materials, oring, gasket, coupling, nutring, sealing elements o-ring, hydraulic-pneumatic sealing elements, marble sector, spare parts of marble industry, plastics sealing elements, guiding sealing elements, wiper, nutring sealing elements, pneumatic cylinder guiding products, pneumatic guiding products, pneumatic tool kits, hydraulic tool kits, automotive tool kits, gaskets, plugs, ventil, pumps, bearings, hydraulic-pnomatik sealing elements, polyurethanes, circular ring, nutrings, cleaners, hydraulic repairing set, sugar industry, working machines, heavy industry products, buffers, automotive repairing set, singing and shafted pump rubbers, repairing sets, protection casing, blowers, diaphragms, pneumatic lifting gasket, rubber parts
GENCLER KABLO SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cable, plugs, cable and wiring, cable electrical, cable industry, cable wire, cables electrical, copper cable, copper electrical, copper wire, copper wiring, electric cable, electric cables, electric supply, electrical cable, electrical cables, electrical supplies, electrical wiring, electricity cable, electricity supply, electronic supplies, electronic wire, energy cable, gauge electrical, heating wire, home wiring, house electrical, industrial wire, insulated wire, lan cable, low woltage, network cable, power cable, power wire, supply cable, wire cable, wire connection, wiring cable
ERCAN KABLO FIS SANAYI        Türkiye         
s cable, cables, plug, plugs, electrical material, electrical materials
SAN-AL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES CO. LTD.        Türkiye     Serkan Soydemir    
s rocker switch, indicator lamp, rotary switches, plugs, power cords, push button switches, thermostats, neon indicator lamp, resistances, silicon cable harness, hot plates, switches, electrical oven, switch, electrical heater, safety switches, energy saving lamps, neon indicators
KONAK CIVATA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s bolt, bolts, bolt products, bolt product, nut, nuts, nut products, nut product, washers, washer, washer products, washer product, screws products, screws product, screws, screw, plugs, plug, plugs product, plug products, anchors, anchor, anchor products, anchor product, polyamid products, polyamid product, rivets, rivet, rivet products, rivet product
MERTER ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electronic products, solar lighting systems, security systems, satellite receiver systems, adaptors, electrical materials, plugs, cables, sockets, illuminated sign, tablet pc, phone accessories, transformer, leds, battery, remote control
GUANG ZHOU VIME AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO. LTD.        Çin     vime vime    
s brake shoe, bearing, plugs, rocker arm, carburatore motors, chain sporket, clutch assy, crankshaft cam shaft, cylinder piston, motorcycle spare part, motorcycle spare parts, motorcycle part, motorcycle parts
BERREL MAKINE LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s parquet cutting, metal cutting, hinge slot milling, upholstery staplers, stapler, hinge, female thread couplings, male thread couplings, hose barb couplings, two way connector, three way connector, hose barb plugs, male thread plugs, female thread plugs, barb coupling, barb plugs, connection nippels, connector, female thread, female thread, hose barb, hose barb plug, male thread, plugs, pneumatic hose, pneumatic male thread couplings, reducer, sleeves, standard hose, thread plugs, three way, twin-nippels, twist female, twist hose, twist male, twist male thread, two way, plugs, stapler, connector, metal cutting, reducer, sleeves, hinge, pneumatic hose
GONG ELEKTRIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Mehmet PAŞALI    
s electrical products, electrical product, sockets, electrical socket, plug socket, plugs, electrical plugs, cable reels, industrial type sockets, industrial type plugs, office type socket, multi plug, multi socket, electrical accessories
HEKSAGON MUHENDISLIK A.S.        Türkiye     Ünal ELBEYLİ    
s functional prototypes production, manufacturing of composite parts, machining manufacturing, scale model manufacturing, boat / yacht mold manufacturing, agricultural and construction machinery manufacturing, dimensional measurement and scanning
REKORSAN OTOM. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s hose fittings, flange hose fittings, male straight hose fittings, test hose fittings, banjo fittings, steel sockets, welding nipples, banjo bolts, lock nuts, nuts and rings, reducers and expanders, plugs, female screwed muff, nipples, swivel reducers, pressure gauge connectors, metric forged steel fittings, bsp forged steel fittings, unf forged steel fittings, orfs forged steel fittings, adjustable stud elbows
s clips, fasteners, door parts, gear, headlight brackets, hose, plugs, automotive spare parts, sunroof, window regulator parts
MACON ENDUSTRIYEL        Türkiye     Mustafa ALKAN    
s industrial materials, valves, needle valves, bleed valves, block valves, pressure regulators, regulators, ball valves, check valves, monoflange valves, flanges, instrumentation tubes, pipe fittings, pipes, fittings, industrial products, valve manifolds, stainless fittings, connectors, stainless steel pipes, o-rings, orings, spiral gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, seals, gaskets, spiral wound seas, stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless pipe fittings, felts, nbr oringler, viton orings, strip oring, global valves, stainless valves, stainless ball valves, stainless check valves, manifolds, stainless manifolds, nbr orings, strip orings, industrial valves, industry valves, air heads, hydraulic pipes, stainless hydraulic pipes, hydraulic pipe fittings, hydraulic pipe parts, stainless chiffon, chiffon, quick release couplings, valve parts, condensation pots, way valve, welded neck flanges, slip-on flanges, sorf flanges, blind flanges, socket flanges, socket welding flanges, lap joint flanges, ring joint flanges, orifice flanges, deck flanges, bolt valves, 2-piece ball valves, 4-way ball valves, 3-piece ball valves, rod air heads, pipe air heads, couplings, tees, nipples, adapters, pipe connection couplings, female adapters, elbows, pipe nipples, blind plugs, blind caps, plugs, carbon steel pipes, pipe stoppers, blind bungs
YAY TEKS        Türkiye         
s handles, casting grid, locks, inserts, wheels, glass holder, plugs